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Stuffed Dajaj, Mutton Brain, And Malabari Biryani: This Frazer Town Restaurant’s Iftar Spread Is Lit

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This Ramazan, a trip to Karama Restaurant, in Frazer Town,proves to be rewarding thanks to their eye-popping spread that’s dominated by Arabic and Malabari flavours.

Kitchen Karama

Karama {they have two branches — Frazer Town and Koramangala} is actually from the same folks who own good old Empire. However, Karama focuses on Arabic and Malabari flavours {also Karachi and Punjabi} and we thought that a great time to explore these would be during Ramzan.

For the holy month, the restaurant has put up makeshift stalls in its compound. It’s pretty well-known around here so expect crowds when you swing by in the evenings. Right at the front, in the alleys, you’ll see the usual mix of Tandoori Chicken, Kalmi Kababs, and if you are going a bit exotic — Teetar Fry. All these {they come from Empire’s kitchens mostly} taste good. There’s no denying that. But if you want to be truly rewarded, we recommend you move to the back.

A Feast To Remember

You’ll be greeted by palm-sized goat brains — tender, melt-in-mouth chunks that are lightly-spiced before hitting the tawa. One of the main draws was the Stuffed Dajaj and once we tasted it, we knew just why it was so popular. Chicken breasts are slathered and stuffed with a pepper and herb mix before being flash fried in hot oil. The result is juicy piece of chicken that’s coated with a crisped up skin.

If you like something more substantial, grab a plate of idiyappams {string hoppers} and pair it with the dark, liver curry that’s pepper-heavy and delicious. The Chicken Boti Curry, bits of chicken cooked in a rich tomato gravy is also a winner. Or you could stick with the Malabari Biryani that comes with just the hint of spice and chunks of roasted chicken {the mutton version is only served inside}.