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Sell Your Used Device Or Buy Pre-owned Gadgets With Karma Recycling



    Got a swanky new smartphone and don’t know what to do with your old one? Karma Recycling is just what you need. Think of them as The Transformers!

    Ring In The Old

    Aiming to build consumers’ trust in the used product category and change the way you look at buying or selling pre-owned devices, Karma Recycling was founded by Akshat Ghiya and Aamir Jariwala in 2013. Described as a buyback operator and recycler of mobile devices, they focus on dealing with and raising awareness about the increasing amount of e-waste in the country {ever wondered where your trashed gadgets land up?}. Trading in over 700 models of working and non-working smartphones as well as laptops and tablets, the startup is driven by the philosophy that a useless device for someone could be converted into a useful one for another person. So, why not add to your good karma and think twice before you trash that used gadget?

    As Good As New

    When you want to get rid of your old or not-so-smart phone, head to their website and fill in details related to its brand, model and present condition. Once you’re done, you get an in-store value for it {based on their algorithms} and someone from the team will contact you within 48 hours to complete the transaction {they also offer free pickup, depending on your area}. Curious about what happens to your dear old phone/laptop? After your data is completely wiped out and a reboot is done, the gadget is repaired and then redistributed {almost as good as new!} through other online portals which sell pre-owned devices {they come with a warranty, too}. In fact, 100-150 devices are processed daily, across the country, we hear! And, if your product is beyond repair, it is recycled back into metals and plastics. They also have stores which let you exchange your old phone for a new one, following which the used product is handed over to Karma.

    Contact: +91 8470063726

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    Check out their website here.