From The Valley: Kashmiri Saffron, Walnuts & Almonds From This Homegrown Brand

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Kashmir Rare

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What Makes It Awesome

The next time you think about adding some saffron milk to your Hyderabadi biryani or want to include some almonds in your diet, think about where you are getting these produce from. If the answer isn't Kashmir, then let us take the next 200 odd words to tell you about Kashmir Rare, an Instagram-based brand that we chanced upon while The Local Ferment Co was making a jun using their saffron. A chat with Manjot, one of the people behind the brand, revealed that the saffron, walnuts, and almonds that Kashmir Rare sells are all organically grown by farmers in the Kashmiri valley. 

Manjot tells us that because of the good climatic conditions in the valley, the produce here is exceptionally good. Take the Kashmir saffron that the brand sells -- it's touted to be the only saffron in the world that's grown at an altitude of 1,600 metres, thereby giving the saffron its natural deep-red colour, higher flavour and aroma. Fun fact, the Kashmir strain, Mongra, is the oldest and most expensive spice in the world. Kashmir Rare's saffron is sold at INR 500 per gram. The walnuts and almonds too get their fair share of being there in the valley. The almonds have a distinctive taste, is smaller in size and high in oil -- hello almond butter! The walnuts are certified organic as all Kashmiri walnuts are by default -- think about the pesto you will make with these.   


You can also get your hands on dried apricots that are organically grown in Ladakh. To get your hands on them and the other produce, you can DM Kashmir Rare on Instagram or drop a text on WhatsApp. Pan-India delivery is available.