Keep Calm And Bathe On With This Brand's Aromatherapy Bath And Body Range

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What Makes It Awesome

The best kind of baths are the ones where you not only feel clean but also cleansed from within. A leisurely soak with the Palette’s bath and body products will have you feeling calm or energised, and clean of course! Palette makes small batches of vegetarian, cruelty-free, and handcrafted products like soaps, bath bombs and salts, body oils, shampoo bars, and scrubs among other things.

Categorised based on whether they're night (lavender) or day (citrus) products, you can pretty much get what you need custom made. Contact them via social media and Rutica - the master bath expert behind Palette - will ask a few questions on your skin type, skin troubles if any, what exactly you're looking for and preferred scents (in what is available). Once that's settled, she'll whip up a super aesthetic batch of whatever it is you need to soothe or supercharge your bathing experience. Our favourite product is the bath bombs! Get into a tub and spend some quality time while the bath bombs bubble up the water!

Prices for soaps start at INR 100 and the scrubs and salts at INR 300. For an extra indulgent soak, she even makes vegan, hand-poured candles. Did we mention that none of the products have added scents? All the smells are from the oils she uses to give you a moisturising and mild wash, scrub, or soak! You can place an order through their Instagram page.

What Could Be Better

Since they're made in small batches, your favourites might not always be available as they switch up the variants. But if you ask nicely you just might get what you're seeking.

How Much Did It Cost

Under ₹500 for any single product.