Ten-Second Takeaway

Delhi’s iconic Keventers has opened on 12th Main in Indiranagar, in a take away kiosk-like format, right outside the Mamagoto restaurant. Expect their milkshakes to bring all the boys and girls to the yard.

Shake It Up

Known for their delicious fresh fruit {blueberry, raspberry, mango and strawberry} milkshakes, Keventers as a brand went through a complete makeover in 2015. The bottle, though still decidedly vintage milk bottle-esque now, has some coolly designed branding and comes with a nifty lid. Having recently opened in Indiranagar, they also offer classic old school shakes such as butterscotch, vanilla and cold coffee along with a modern take in the form of thick shakes such as Mint Oreo Crumble, Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate Peanut Butter and more.

Watch this space for more.

Feature Photo: Keventers