Shake It Up Old School With Cold Coffee And Milkshakes At Keventers

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Milkshake lovers, make way to Indiranagar! With old-fashioned flavours and modern versions, Delhi-based Keventers brings their signature drinks to town.

Chow Down

Bring cookies from home {they only have milkshakes}

Sip On

Mint Oreo Crumble, Cold Coffee

Winning For

Their delicious milkshakes which have been a favourite since 1925. Oh, and their well designed milk bottles which you can keep forever.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Being a kiosk-format outlet, there’s really no ambience to boast of here. You can stand about and enjoy your drink or take it home. Even then, we love that they’ve done their bit to bring out a vintagesque look — think an old typewriter and a camera on their shelves.

Shaking It Off

Right from the time we heard about Delhi’s vintage dairy brand, Keventers, opening in town, we had been longing to try their milkshakes. Especially since we’re literally 20 steps away! So, one fine afternoon, we made way to their kiosk to get ourselves some of their drinks, served in cool bottles. While the Choco Peanut Butter was delightful enough, we were more impressed by the Mint Oreo Crumble. The refreshing mint flavour combined with the fine Oreo bits made for an interesting drink, although some of us found it a little too sweet. Not really a fan of the sugary stuff? Go for their Sugar free Cold Coffee which is apparently made with sugar-free ice cream! The beverage with its strong caffeine kick makes for a nice option to perk you up on those drowsy afternoons.

So, We're Thinking...

Already fans of their milkshakes, we’d heading there again to try out their newer flavours like Bubblegum and Strawberry Fields {strawberry and chocolate}. The quality of milk used in these shakes are also ace.