Authentic Malabar Biryani And Chicken Fry At The Charming Little Khyma In Kalyan Nagar

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A tiny establishment with a lovely ambience, Khyma in Kalyan Nagar will knock your socks off with its limited yet delicious Malabari offerings. Plus it’s easy on the pocket!

Chow Down

Malabari Biryani and Chicken Dry Fry

Sip On

Lemon Pudina Tea

Winning For

Their Malabari Biryani, which is pretty close to the real thing, and their humble prices.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Even though it’s a small space, Khyma is a very pretty one. A rustic patio opens into a one-room restaurant with exposed brick walls, teal windows, and colourful glass panes. The place can only seat a handful of people at a time so you might want to consider packing your food if you find all the tables taken. 

Flavours Of Malabar

You won’t take too much time to decide what you want at Khyma. After all, the entire menu fits on one side of a table placard. It comes with a handful of Malabari favourites — biryani, ghee rice, and chicken fry. They have a couple of curries as well.

We went with the Mutton Biryani {they also have chicken and fish versions} — slightly greasy {just the right amount, don’t worry} rice that comes with just a touch of spice. For 190 bucks, they were pretty generous with the meat in this dish and we got three, large and juicy chunks of mutton coated in a flavourful masala. The crispy-on-the-outside and juicy-on-the-inside Chicken Dry Fry was a perfect accompaniment to the dish. We have eaten our fair share of deep-fried kababs in the city and this one easily lands a spot in the top five. Finish up with their complimentary glasses of lemon {oh-so-lemony} and mint tea.

So We’re Thinking...

While it may not serve you well if you have a gluttonous feast on your mind, Khyma is perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. Or if you want a pick-me-up during meal time.