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Spice Things Up With Organic Condiments & Additives From This Online Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

You’ve heard of cold-processed soaps and juices. Now get ready for cold ground spices by Kiaan. Armed with the knowledge that heat (produced during the grinding and processing of spices) destroys the essential oils and micronutrients that spices contain (yes, spices do enhance more than just the flavour of our food it would seem), this online brand relies on methods rooted in antiquity to give us spices that have not been compromised. 

All the raw materials are organic, sourced seasonally and are washed and sun-dried to ensure minimum damage. The technology used to grind them replicates hand pounding, but with stainless steel (to avoid hard metal particles from contaminating the finished products). Essential oils and nutrients are also preserved, as they haven’t been destroyed by heat. With no additional preservatives, Kiaan offers spices and condiments whose shelf life is slightly lower than the commercially available ones, but considering we use them every day, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Pick up turmeric, chilli (INR 80 for 100 grams) cardamom, nutmeg (INR 150, and 100 for 25 grams) coriander (INR 90 for 100 grams) pepper (INR 150), cumin (INR 80), and other essentials all in powder form. Apart from standalone spices, Kiaan also makes Idli podi (INR 150), Sambar masala (INR 120) garam masala (INR 150), jaljeera powder (INR 70), and certain superfood additives like flax seeds and asafoetida (hing). Contact them via social media to place an order.

What Could Be Better

Currently, they don’t take bulk orders unless the order is placed well in advance.


They do accept small orders (if placed in advance) for gifting of an assorted spice box or health boxes with a curated range of their spices, mixes, and health foods, especially during the festive season or for events. Hit Enquire Now to place your orders with them.