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Pottery, Theatre And Ballet: Here’s How Your Kid Can Become A Culture Vulture In Bengaluru

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‘All study and no culture made Jack the dullest boy’. Surely, as a cool parent you’ve heard and agree with this (slightly modified) adage. Thankfully, Bangalore offers plenty that’ll ensure your kiddo doesn’t experience a single dull day and is encouraged to embrace the budding culture vulture in them. They can tour museums, learn to weave magic with stories and embrace art at these places in town.

Catch A Play

Let your tiny tots be transported into a different world every time they catch a play at the city’s premiere theatre space – Ranga Shankara. A quick scan of Ranga Shankara’s calendar will throw up plenty of experiences for children involving puppetry and beloved characters. During the summers, they can even sign up under the AHA! Theatre banner (that’s exclusively dedicated to children) to pick up the finer nuances of acting and stage production. If your kid has been bitten by the acting bug, we recommend you sign them up for the Theatre Arts Programme at Jagriti that is open to children between 8 and 18 years.

Relive History

Sometimes it becomes a tad difficult for your kiddies to make sense of the ancient history that fills up their textbooks. To give them a peek into the Indus Valley Civilisation, take them to the Government Museum where they can gawk at relics from Mohenjo Daro. They can also admire paintings and murals from different points in history. If you’d like to the tiny tot to embrace local culture and history, a trip to the Janapada Loka museum, on the outskirts of the city, comes highly recommended.

Learn The Art of Storytelling

Stories and books are an integral part of a true culture vulture’s life. For kids who are serious about the life, we recommend a trip to Katharangam – a space in Richmond Town that involves the little ones in the art of storytelling. You can also sign them up for book readings, workshops and interactions at spaces like Atta Galatta and the Lightroom Bookstore.


Get Arty Farty

Does your munchkin love dabbling with art? Visit the Rainbow Villa at the charming Arts Village that’s located just off St. Mark’s Road. They have a Toddlers Programme for little ones who are still in their diapers. This programme dabbles in arts and crafts along with storytelling, dance, music, and rhythm. The older kids too can participate in a range of creative workshops and activities during the weekends or after school. They can also join this Sunday colouring club at Cubbon Park. 

Pick Up A Hobby

No matter your creative genius’ interest, there is a hobby class for them in town. If they love creating and crafting things, Clay Station offers them a chance to explore the world of pottery. For the little dance divas and dudes, The Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet and Nivesaa are great options.