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Kidzania Is Coming Soon To Bangalore

Urvee posted on 28 May


International kiddie attraction Kidzania will open its doors in Bangalore next, after Mumbai and Delhi.

What Is It?

For all your little mini-adults out there, this ‘edutainment’ centre {that’s a thing} comes as welcome relief from open-air, hot amusement parks, and gaming parlours with the same boring games.

Basically, it is a replica of an entire city {child-sized, of course} with paved roads, battery-operated cars, buildings, a functioning economy and even its own currency {kidZos}! That’s not all: There are over 90 role-playing activities, so your child can experience what it is to become a pilot {there’s an Airbus A320 fuselage}, a surgeon {there’s an entire hospital}, an RJ, a chef, a journalist, a fashion designer, a fire-fighter {there’s a real fire-engine and everything}, a lawyer {there’s a courthouse} and much, much more. 

Erm, forget the children, we’re pretty darn keen on doing this ourselves!

Empowerment FTW

There’s an entire functioning economy, and your child gets to be a part of that, helping to foster their creativity, problem solving, and decision making skills. It’s totally safe too; the entire family gets electronic wristbands, so you can sit back, grab a cup of coffee, or lunch {you know you’re going to be there for a long, long day} and find out where your child is virtually, at any time. Pretty cool, eh?

Watch this space for more.