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Gear Up For The Festive Season With Gorgeous Plates And Mugs Featuring Vibrant Marigolds

    Kika Tableware

    What Makes It Awesome

    If you're looking to add some colour and flower power to your home, specifically the kitchen and dining table, make sure you check out The Indian Marigold Collection by Kika Tableware. Focused on the popular marigold, better known as the Genda Phool, the entire collection of tableware is decorated with the festive flower.

    The plates are available in different styles if you want to switch things up at each placement at the table. There are plates with a floral border and a large marigold taking centre stage. There are also more bold ones that feature the marigold in different sizes, and hues, splashed across the surface. Plus, bowls, and square plates to add to the glamour!

    For the first time, Kika Tableware is offering coffee and tea sets too! Pick from hand-painted mugs and tea cups, or even fancy espresso sets. Like the plates, the mugs too have large coloured flower patterns if you are looking for a pop of colour. If not, buy the ones with the flower outline, done in gold and orange. 

    Prices start at INR 600 and go up to INR 3,550 for individual pieces. If you want to buy sets, then expect to pay about INR 1,000 upwards for sets of two.

      Kika Tableware