Get Your Hands On These Sunbaked Cookies That Are Also Gluten-Free

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What Makes It Awesome

We all love snacking and for those of you who love snacking on cookies, we give you Kivu's. The cookies from this online snack brand are cool because there's that guilt-free snacking factor brought on by the fact that the cookies are all gluten-free, zero sugar added and made from healthy ingredients. We are talking about cookies made with ingredients such as jowar atta, jaggery powder, flaxseed powder, moringa, amaranth atta, and coconut powder. 

But what's even cooler is that all these cookies are sunbaked. Yes, they are all baked in solar ovens, making it a lot healthier if you think about it. And whether you are picking up our favourites Coco Choco Gluten-Free Cookies or the Cinnamon Vegan Cookies, you'll find that they have zero preservatives, flavours or chemicals. Hello, guilt-free snacking!