Wear A Woven Dream With Accessories By Knotting Hills

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    Bangalore-based Knotting Hills sells cutesy jewellery and accessories that are knotted and woven by hand. What’s not to adore?

    Crazy About Colours

    Let the name not take your mind to unimaginable places, because Knotting Hills has knotting to do with the movie! Earrings bursting with colour, necklaces made of beads in earthen colours and tribal pieces of jewellery that pique the bohemian soul in you are some of the things to instantly fall for. Materials such as embroidery thread, satin and silk cords, nylon and polyester have been used to bring the raw, rustic charm in these distinguished pieces.

    Quirk Factor

    We’re also eyeing the wacky range of fridge magnets which come in the form of Angry Birds, the ghosts from Pacman and our lovely Minions, all made of fused plastic beads, or hama beads. They also weave personalised keychains and very cute crochet earrings that look like rose buds. Anklets, wristbands, rings and bracelets all feature in Knotting Hills’ beautiful basket of our favourite things. We totally love their collection of handwoven turtle keychains in blue and green that you can see here, and this bracelet in rainbow and neon shades. Even their pretty tags are made of leftover thread. If you have a baby in the house, their handmade caps and tiny slippers are the perfect additions to their Lilliput closet.

    Accessorise This

    Their small range of watches that look like old-school friendship bands from way back and bookmarks splashed with water colours that would make you want to read a book {only so you could use the bookmark} are other things that stole our hearts. These beauties also make gifting options, so the next time you’re clueless, you know where to look. They’ve really made weaving styles easy! Move over Hugh Grant.

    Price: INR 50-3,000

    Contact: +91 9886490051

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      Available Online