Ten-Second Takeaway

Who would have thought that IT heartland, Manyata Tech Park, would have such a fabulous dessert place hidden away? Plus, this is the only dessert place in the city that caters to Bingsu aka a popular Korean dessert. Even though the menu is small it has been well thought of.

Must Eat

What if I told you there is a place where you can actually eat snow in Bangalore? A tiny little cafe known as “cool cafe” that actually sells this wonderful snow dessert named Bingsu. This fantastic Korean dessert, is snow {really ice shavings} combined with tasty syrups and fruit toppings. The kicker is that the snow comes in different flavours. The cafe actually has a snow maker, which converts milk into, well, milky snow. This dessert is very subtle and actually quite healthy. Everything is made on the spot too. There are no chemicals involved and no emulsifiers added into the dessert.

Feeling Fruity

My friend and I, being enthu cutlets even though we stuffed ourselves silly during lunch, had the Fruit-Fruit and Chocolate Re Born. The Fruit Fruit was a combination of milky snow, cut fruits, a tinge of rose essence, syrups topped with whipped cream. Inwardly, we groaned thinking it’ll be a fancy falooda; but nope it was light, delicious and the best part was that it wasn’t diabetes-inducing sweet.

 The Chocolate Re Born was every chocolate lover’s dream. This could easily be an ice cream version of hot chocolate. They used chocolate milk in the snowmaker with cut brownies, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Willy Wonka would approve.

Must Drink

The cold coffee at this place is how it should be made — not too sweet nor heavy but extremely satisfying. We had the Coffee ‘o’ Caramel, a perfect combination of coffee and caramel.

What We Loved


For those who want the extremely healthy version, you can have the seasonal fruits Bingsu which is just fruits mixed with the snow. Oh did we mention that they don’t use sugar, but use stevia instead?

What Didn’t Impress Us

You need to go all the way to Manyata Tech Park for now. But they did say they would open up soon in one of the malls. We tasted something called frozen fruits, a kind of topping which didn’t catch our fancy as it was frozen, dehydrated piece of fruit and tasted like jackfruit.

 Photos: Saina Jayapal