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Poshto, Ilish and Dhakai Mangsho At Bengali Restaurant Koshe Kosha

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Koshe Kosha offers competent Bengali classics, mixed with some innovations, which may or may not always work. But their competitive pricing {possibly aimed at students and working professionals in Koramangala} and the lure of a taste of home for every Bengali, might win them a consistent clientele.

Chow Down

Sorshe Elish, Beckti Jhaal, Dhakai Mangsho, Pulao

Sip On

Aam Pora Shorbot, Gondhoraj Ghol

Winning for

Delicious Bengali fare at budget prices. Interesting take on regular Bengali dishes.

Lowdown On The Ambience

There is not much to write about the ambience here. You will have to make the trek to the second floor through a flight of steep stairs to the section of the restaurant that is open. Simple tables and chairs make up the space. But the trudge up the staircase is worth it, we assure you.

What's On The Menu

Start your meal here with a Aam Pora Shorbot, a refreshing Bengali summer drink where roasted mango pulp is muddled in a glass with water, sugar and a hint of cumin. Or the Bengali take on the lassi with a squeeze of Gondhoraj lime thrown in {Gondhorajer Ghol}. We would have much preferred both drinks to have little less sweet than they did.

While the starters section of the menu offered regular chop, cutlet, fish fry and singara {samosa}, we dived straight into the main course for a week night dinner. We started with Jhinge Aloo Poshto {potatoes and ridge gourd cooked in poppy paste}, Narkel Cholar Dal {chana dal cooked with raisins and coconut bits}, Chanar Dalna {cottage cheese cooked in a gravy} with steamed rice. The food did taste just like home {this reviewer is a Bengali after all} except for the Chanar Dalna which had way too much gravy going on. Though we’d have liked to try the Poshto Ilish {hilsa cooked in poppy paste}, we were told that it might be a bit sweet, so we settled for the tried and tested Shorshe Ilish {hilsa cooked in mustard}. The fish itself was rather good and fresh. We would have preferred a restrained hand with the mustard, but the fish itself made us forget about the overwhelming pungency.

The Bhetki Jhaal was competent and the mustard and tomato gravy had the right bite. We finished our mega meal with a pulao, a sweet rice flecked with dry fruits and nuts and Dhakai Mangsho, a spicy mutton curry cooked with whole spices and a touch of cumin.

So, We're Thinking..

Koshe Kosha offers many kind of hilsa dishes {Shorshe, Narkel, Paturi and Poshto} and equally interesting is their section called Gondhoraj Delicacy, where chicken or mutton is cooked in a Gondhoraj lime-infused gravy. But the Bengali in us decided to stay far away from the Malai Chingrir Biryani. You see we don’t believe in mixing our classics.


Do ask for the day’s sweet chutney, usually made with fresh fruits such as pineapple or green mango, or tomatoes. This is also complimentary.

Where: 1017, First Floor, 80 Feet Road, Koramangala 1st Block

Contact: 080 49652688

Price: INR 1,500 for two

Timings: Noon – 10.30pm

Find them on Facebook here.