You Don't Just Go To Koshy's, You Make A Pilgrimage To Koshy's

    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome

    Want to dine where Jawaharlal Nehru, Nikita Khrushchev, and even good old Queen Elizabeth II did? Set GPS to Koshy’s on St Marks Road. Many say that the food isn’t as good as before, and we’re inclined to agree on some counts. But, favourites will always be favourites, yeah? Like the Roast Chicken and Fish ‘n’ Chips. The former, soft inside and crisp outside arrives with lumpy (but delicious) mashed potatoes, chunky boiled veggies and gravy that maintains an amazing peppery standard all-year, every year. The fish is deep-fried and the tartare sauce isn’t just mayonnaise. Throw in home-cut chips and you’ll feel like you’re in London.

    Prawn Biryani is another winner here. Spicy and full of masalas, with massive prawns in them, you best dig in with your fingers. Then, Appam and Stew for that traditional Sunday lunch with the family, or perhaps you’re the Ghee Rice and Fish or Chicken Curry kinds. Either way, expect spicy, greasy but oh-so-wonderful home-style fare that finds its way into your heart and memory.

    Breakfast is a legendary affair here. Try their omelettes, from mushroom and bacon stuffed to mutton and Spanish versions. Any time of the day, their strong but milky Koshy’s Special Coffee will give you that much-needed kick. For munchies, try the Chicken Liver on Toast and the Cream of Chicken Sandwich (and you thought it was only a soup). There’s also a smattering of Chinese, North Indian and baked dishes (Cheesy Au Gratin is good) for you to sample as well. Blindly opt for Caramel Custard with the perfectly burned sugar or the Peach Melba for dessert.

    What Could Be Better

    Well, the quality of food, really! But you don’t necessarily only go here for food, but history (from the 1940s) and character. Brick red walls, hardly painted, with large fans creaking take you back in time. As do some of the regulars, who range from those around from the pre-Independence era to millennials with a vision.

    Pro Tip

    Koshy's is open for dine-in between 9 am to 11 pm. They have taken all necessary precautions to sanitise the restaurant. Make sure to wear your masks before heading out. You can also pick up food, since the restaurant is open for takeaway through the day with no breaks. There's a limited menu and options for takeaways are also limited. 

      Ashok Nagar, Bangalore