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You Can Officially Take Your Pet On A Bus Ride As KSRTC Is Now Pet-Friendly

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Although we’re still protesting the fact that pets are being called luggage, we’re celebrating the idea of hopping on board a KSRTC bus with our pooches. Changing the rules to allow smaller pets such as dogs, rabbits, birds, cats and even monkeys, all you have to do is pay the price of a child’s fare if your pet is small. But if you’ve got a big pooch, then you’ll have to pay adult fares. But who cares right, as long as you BFF can travel with you.

If you’re sending a pet with a child, then the weight limit of the luggage {we told you they’re calling pets luggage!} is 15kg, but if an adult is taking onboard the luggage, then the allowance is 30kgs. If you can carry your pet throughout the journey, then the little fellow/lady can travel free. Oh, and make sure the pet is kept on a leash through the journey, and they’re well behaved. If your furry friend decided to go rogue on a bus, you’ll be made to get off at the next stop. Also, this allowance may not apply to buses plying under BMTC. At least you can take your pet on your next road trip within Karnataka though!

This news first appeared in News Minute. Read the entire post here.