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Enjoy Hearty Flavoursome Kulchas At This Outlet In Koramangala!

    Koramangala, Bangalore

    Been so long that I have penned down an article. So, why not write about a Kulcha which is traditional, but made in modern practices. Kulcha Stories in Koramangala 5th Block, is offering us amazing Amritsari Kulchas which are baked on a Pizza mould in a Deck Oven. Yes, the taste is yet super amazing.

    Kulchas here are stuffed with huge range of options. Potatoes, mushrooms, cheese, chocolate, chicken, mutton Kheema and what not. As the name says, there are many stories with these Kulchas. Chicken kulcha Amritsari is where bits of chicken smeared with the swaad ka petara masala and tossed in a tawa, given a tadka and stuffed in the Kulcha. Butter on top, will give you the perfect kulcha experience. Mutton Kheema is again give the masala and stuffed. Please note that all these masalas are imported from Amritsar to maintain the authenticity. Prawn stuffed kulcha is for sea food lovers. Kids would love a cheese stuffed kulcha, also I would literally jump for the chocolate kulcha where ganache and chocolate syrup is added. Do not miss this here.

    Kulcha Stories, just do not operate on Amritsari Kulchas, they have amazing pakoras and pulavs. Coming to the pakoras, they are very well fried and give a perfect punjabi flavour because of the spice mixture of Punjab again and I can vouch for Pind da Khana here. These pakoras again have different varieties, they have Chicken, mutton, prawn, aloo and what not. The tikkas again are very well executed. Malai Khumb Khazana is where Mushrooms are marinated with cream and spices, stuffed with palak and grilled, man this is an absolute delicacy. One cannot miss this here. Chicken Tikka is again priceless, malai and mint chutney is an awesome feast on the tongue along with the soft chicken.

    Coming to the Pulavs, Warqi Murga is a combo of ₹199 and a whole meal itself. Subtle pulav with huge flavours and slightly spicy chicken gravy made with masalas from Amritsar is a whole new level of tasty. They have a prawn and Kheema variant too.

    Not to forget, in the swaad ka petara gravies, the Egg curry turned out to be my favourite. Inspired from the highways of Ludhiana to Amritsar, this one is a feast.

    Ending the meal with a soft Gulab Jamun and a traditional Punjabi sweet called Panjeeri.

      Koramangala, Bangalore