Live The Mountain Life Of Peace (And Luxury) At This Village Resort Near Ooty


    Live life like the Kurumbas, at The Kurumba Village Resort, at this mountain resort near Ooty with luxury and views that are picture perfect.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Named for one of the tribes of the Nilgiris, the Kurumba Village Resort (part of the Nature Resorts group which specialises in heritage and nature-oriented resorts) is a brilliant reflection of what the tribe really is — laid-back fun, in sync with nature and peaceful. Nestled in the hills, just a hairpin bend or two below Ooty, the vista will leave you gobsmacked for a while, and you’ll want to stay outdoors all day. Once you get into the resort though, be prepared to take in proper Kurumba tradition in the form of thatched roofs and pyramid-shaped cottages (or suites). It’s all simple in colour with wood, white and light yellow dominating, but what we love is that each room has a balcony (with areca-nut wood railings, no less) to unwind in, with a steaming cup of local tea.

    Take things up a luxury notch or two and stay at the Jacuzzi suit. Four poster beds, French windows and of course a jacuzzi to lounge in and take in the vista from the bay windows. How’s that for swanky? The entire resort is created to give an impression of being in the middle of nature so even dining options include a space made to look like a cave and another, a treehouse set up, ideal for a quiet date. Water babies will be happy to know there’s a swimming pool too. And if you think infinity pools are amazing, this one, overlooking the hills and vales of the Blue Mountains will blow you away. Best vantage point in the house, we feel.


    We also recommend a tea plantation tour to learn about the intricacies of the most-drunk beverage. Then, sign-up for a hiking trip which will automatically mean plenty of bird-watching and winding you way through waterfalls.