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Chicken, Paneer Or Liver: This Hole In The Wall Place Near New BEL Roads Is Known For Its Killer Kathi Rolls

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A favourite with the college kids around here, Kusum Rolls serves up flaky, kathi rolls stuffed with meat, eggs, paneer or veggies. Plus, a jumbo-sized roll here will set you back by just 80 bucks.

The Roll Out

An unassuming place on MSRE College Road {they have another branch on the nearby New BEL Road}, Kusum Rolls is tailor-made for students. Within minutes, you can walk away with hefty, kathi rolls that are easy on the pocket. If you’d like the sound of that, then, we recommend a trip to this part of town.

What we loved about the place is the paratha {made with maida, there are no healthier  options}, that’s fried up just right. The paratha is flaky and thick and when you order an egg plus something roll, they deftly layer the paratha with the egg and so it gets an extra crunch and also plenty of flavour.

Size Matters

If you go for a double egg/chicken/veggie/paneer, be prepared to eat a filling, jumbo sized roll. With our chicken roll, they loaded up the paratha with good chunks of fried up, masala-coated meat and onions. But the highlight was the liver roll, the fried up bits of liver were creamy and gave the roll an added texture. There were onions and capsicum and it was finished up with a squirt of lime. Kusum Rolls tends to add ketchup and chilli sauce too {unnecessary additions, we feel}, so, if you aren’t in the mood for that, ask them to hold off before your roll is wrapped up and served to you.