We Found 'Majestic' Masala Dosa And Fluffy Idlis At This Little Darshini

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Set on Nagrathpet Main Road, such is the fame of this eatery, that you can ask anyone in the area and they’ll lead you straight here for spot-on South Indian food.

What Is It?

A typical South Indian darshini, Lakshmi Natraja Refreshments excels at pudi dosa and light fluffy idlis.

Who Is It For?

Anyone in search of the perfect masala dosa.

Must Try

The masala dosa is so yum here! Oh, and the idlis are the best.

How Was Your Experience?

I keep going here for the masala dosa. Filled with palya {aloo, of course}, the coconut and coriander chutney it comes with is practically perfect. Also, they coat the dosa with podi – a kind of spicy paste. It really gives the dosa a kick. It’s self-service only, and the décor is nothing to speak of. Just take your order, sit at steel tables and chairs, and enjoy. It’s perfect as it is.


Park on any side street before you hit the main road that this place is on. It’s super crowded and you won’t find a parking spot