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Party In The Park: There's Plenty To See & Do At Bangalore's Beloved Lung Space Lal Bagh

Tanmay posted on 30 January


Bangalore’s pride and joy, our very own Lalbagh is about three centuries old and rocking. Generations of Bangaloreans have grown up hanging out or picnicking at Lal Bagh’s stunning gardens and grounds. From admiring the wonderful flora to checking out the annual flower show and shopping for the season’s first mangoes to just going for a run, Lalbagh is one place you can’t get bored of.

Horticulture Paradise

Spread over 240 acres, Lalbagh has over a 1,000 species of flora, of all colours and sizes. There are even a few species of birds that you can see here, including the colourful Purple Moor Hen, loads of Parakeets and more. Lalbagh is forever blooming through serial flowering, where the different flowers and trees bloom at various stages throughout the year. The concept was carefully planned and implemented by Hermann Krumbiegel, a German horticulturist who strategically planted trees all over the city and not only Lalbagh so that there is always one tree that is in bloom throughout the year, and thus, Bangalore blooms all year round.  For example, the Gulmohar tree is in bloom from April to June and when blooming season ends, the African Tulip Tree is in bloom from July.

Lal Bagh Lake

Get into a boat and float onto the Lal Bagh Lake, enjoying the beauty around you. There’s a lot of seasonal blooming flowers and trees around the lake and some cool aquatic life too. You could even spot some birds that nestle on the islands on the lake, like the White Breasted Kingfisher and the Spot Billed Pelican, a migratory bird. You could even catch a rat snake around, maybe even feasting on a fish. The lake is a lovely place to be and explore, and really admire the scenery around you.


Lal Bagh is a popular place for a run, or for a good morning yoga session. The lush green gardens and calm atmosphere are ideal for a peaceful start to the morning. The open patches of grass serve as a good place to work out and maybe even practice some sport. Lalbagh has a dedicated track just for running, stretching over a 5km loop. You can use their rocky surfaces for an uphill climb and enjoy the view as you run.

Flora And Fauna

The Glass House hosts the bi-annual flower show here, and you can see some of the most beautiful floral designs and displays. The show is held every Independence Day and Republic Day and has some jaw-dropping flower spectacles, including exhibitions of butterflies made with flowers and a tribute to Jnanapith awardee Kuvempu. The Glass House is modelled after Crystal Palace in London. The serene white of the house is illuminated in the evening by golden light, something you shouldn’t miss. Also, check out the flower clock — a combination of technology and art. The lotus pond here is also an option, but make sure to check the season when it is supposed to bloom. Lal Bagh is a botanical garden like none other, and to see is to believe – something you must do at least once.

Farmer's Market

The HOPCOMS here gets fresh fruits and vegetables in season and there are no middlemen here as well. It’s you and the vendor – so it’s of good benefit to the farming community and it makes you feel good when you’re buying them. This is also one of the earliest Farmer’s Markets in Bangalore City.


On the second and fourth weekend of every month, the Janpada Jaatre, features folk dance, music and plays performed by troupes from all parts of Karnataka. The show mainly depicts the cultural folklore of Karnataka, the traditional costumes and musical instruments. The flower show is the biggest attraction here and people flock from all around the city to catch a glimpse of the expert work done.

Lal Bagh Rock

Climb up to, and sit on the top of the Lal Bagh Rock, believed to be one of the oldest rock formations on earth. On top of this, is a cardinal tower that you get a pretty cool view out of. This tower is one of four in Bangalore, erected by Kempe Gowda II, during his building of Bangalore city. The rock is a popular tourist attraction along with the watchtower, and you often see a lot of people get to the top of it and relax, enjoying the view that Bangalore city has to offer.

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