These Late Night Delivery Services In Koramangala Are God Sent And Cost Under INR 500


    If you are working late or got that 3-weeks old assignment due the next morning, one thing that you shouldn’t compromise on is food. Now, if you staying or crashing at a friend’s place in Koramangala, these under-500 bucks late night food deliveries will save you from midnight hunger pangs without burning a hole in your wallt. 

    Nite Out

    Nite Out

    Available Online

    A North Indian delivery place, you get everything from Dum Aloo to Paneer Butter Masala and Butter Chicken. Their delivery service is prompt and the food delicious and fresh. If you aren’t that hungry, I’d recommend the egg pakoras. They are delish.

    Timings: 10pm-3am

    Night Panda

    Night Panda

    Available Online

    Craving for burgers and rolls? Night Panda has you covered. We recommend Nawabi Chicken Roll and Cajun Chicken Cutlet. They also have rice and combo meals. You can try the Schezwan Veg Noodle combo meal. Also, the Oreo Cookies Smoothie is really good. 

    Timings: 8.30pm-3.30am

    Night Spoon

    You get biryani at 1 in the morning. Need we say more? The Gongura Chicken Biryani is a personal favourite. They serve noodles, gravies, rotis, and more as well. The Night Spoon Special Shawarma is a personal favourite. For some unknown reason I ordered the Peanut Masala and boy I wasn’t one bit disappointed. Any place that messes this basic snack up should be shut down, right?  

    Timings: 7pm-4am


    You get biryani, Chinese dishes, combo meals, pasta, and pizzas here. For heavy midnight snacking, go for Chicken Overloaded, Fully Loaded Hakka Noodles or The Chicken Lollypop meal {Chicken Lollypop with fried rice}. Do try out the mutton dishes if you eat meat. 

    Timings: midnight-6am

    Friends Night Kitchen

    If you want to go beyond curries and rotis, this place has pizzas, burgers, and sandwich. The burgers are a bit dry, but if you have sauce {ketchup} at home, you are good to go. I’d recommend the Home-made Fries, Veg Calzone and the Oreo Shake. 

    Timings: 10pm-5am

    Hunger Hitman

    If you are working alone, then choosing from this menu is going to be hard. To make matters easy, just order roti or rice with either the Hyderabadi Chicken or Kadai Paneer. Also, they have a Chinese menu with the usual Schezwan Noodles/Rice and Manchurian options.

    Timings: 10pm-4am