What Is It?


Mövenpick Ice Cream is having an afternoon of sheer indulgence. After all, what else can you call an Ice Cream Dessert Design Competition? With top bloggers from town competing in teams, this Saturday promises to be very entertaining. Divided into teams of about three, each group will be given three scoops of their choice of Mövenpick ice cream which then needs to be the start of the dessert creations. The real competition begins when they have to beautify the ice cream with all sorts of toppings – fruits and nuts to sauces and cream. The audience — here’s where you come in dear LBB readers, will then get to taste all these divine {hopefully!} creations and help the three judges pick the best.

Who Is It For?

If you want to see a bunch of bloggers fighting it out to be supreme dessert designers, then sign-up right away. The winners will get to be at the event, and apart from being judge and jury, you’ll get to be part of the live-audience concept. So, let the MasterChef drama unfold!

Why Should I Sign Up?

Since it’s a live audience and there is ice cream involved, we are guessing that seals the deal! So if ice cream, design, and fun is your kind of Saturday, quickly sign-up below, and you could get yourself a sweet spot.

When: Saturday, September 24

Where: Movenpick Icecreams, 4/1-1, Lavelle Heights, Lavelle Road, Opposite Smoke House Deli

Timings: 2pm-4pm

Photos: Mövenpick Ice Cream