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LBB Open House: Suchita Salwan In Conversation With Deepak Sinha, VP Marketing At Bira 91


    What Makes It Awesome

    At the LBB Open House session Suchita Salwan, co-founder of LBB talks to co-founders, CXOs and experts behind India's most-loved and largest brands and operators. From how to set up your sales team, to the future of marketing for AlcoBev brands, to distribution and location as a moat, there is plenty to learn, and understand from the best in the game. 

    For this episode, Suchita chats to Deepak Sinha, Vice President – Marketing at our loved home-brewed brand, Bira 91. With over 14 years of experience at beverage companies such as Pernod Ricard and MillerCoors, he has led brand development, marketing and sales, and helped position emerging and established brands for success across international markets. The session will cover everything from applying the best global practices in the Indian market to ensuring an organisation’s growth in emerging markets.