#LBBPicks: Cereal Bars That We Love For Their Taste & Energy

If you’re on a strict workout regime and need to constantly feed your body protein, or need a dose of energy to keep you going for a few hours without investing in a long leisurely brunch: Cereal bars to the rescue. We don’t recommend substituting any meal with these, but it’s always good to keep one in your handbag for those emergency hunger scenarios.

MojoBar—Nutty Apricot

With promises of high fibre content and no preservatives, MojoBar’s Nutty Apricot has our votes for its unique texture and subtle flavours {we were reminded of gud patti but hey, that’s just us}. As opposed to the rest of their flavours {Yogurt Berry and Choco Almond}, this one’s mild and not too sweet. We’re saving it for a quick snack on our way back home.

Where: Shop online here.

Price: Starting at INR 240 for a pack of six

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Nature Valley—Oats and Honey

One of the first health bars to make an appearance in India, we still turn to Nature Valley for its wholesome, consistent experience. We like the Oats and Honey for its mild, sweet flavours.

Where: Your local grocery store or chemist

Price: Starting at INR 80 per bar

Yogabar—Cashew and Orange

These bars are nothing more than slivers, but they do their job when it comes to chasing away your hunger. Available in a bunch of flavours including Vanilla Almond, Nuts & Seeds {we liked this one the least} and Chocolate Chunk, we only pick up the Cashew Orange every single time for its zest fresh flavours. The Peanut Butter one with a hint of creaminess comes a close second.

Where: Shop online here.

Price: Starting at INR 30 per bar, INR 300 for a box of 10

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Rite Bite Work—Out Mix Double

As the name suggests, this one’s purely targetted towards the gymming and weight-lifting population. Infused with milk and dark chocolate, this adds just that slightest element of taste to your diet.

Where: Shop online at Amazon or at your local grocery store

Price: Starting at INR 279 for a box of six

Nourish Organic—Apple Cinnamon

Because it tastes almost like apple pie, supposedly balances blood sugar levels and cleanses your tummy. You could also try Nourish’s Anjeer or Amla bar to tackle other health concerns.

Where: Shop online here.

Price: Starting at INR 70 per bar, INR 420 for a box of six

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Kellogg's Coco Pops and Rice Crispies

Not available at your local grocery store, it might be worth picking these up when you’re shopping at your favourite gourmet store. Aimed at being milk and cereal bars, these are packed with flavour and are a good option for kids.

Where: Available at Nature’s Basket here or at your nearest gourmet store, or INA Market

Price: Starting at INR 375 for a box of six