Fresh Mozzarella To Cream Cheese: This Artisanal Cheesemaker Has It All

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Le Cheesery

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What Makes It Awesome

Strings of fresh milky goodness that will have you yearning for more is what this brand sells. Lé Cheesery, by Disha Mohan sells fresh artisanal cheeses such as Mozzarella, Bocconcini and Cream Cheese. The cheeses are made fresh to order, are not adulterated and unlike cheeses you would find in departmental stores, are not processed. Lé Cheesery uses traditional cheesemaking techniques in all its products and gives enough impetus to aging, fermenting and curdling of its cheeses. They take time in developing the flavour of the cheeses so you know you’re getting something legit.

If you’re tired using processed cheese on your pizza then, Lé Cheesery’s Mozzarella prepared over 5-6 hours and sold at INR 299, is a house favourite. Creamy and slightly tart, consume it fresh or store it for upto six days. Want something for dessert after the pizza ? More cheeeese! Lé Cheesery’s cream cheese, sold at INR 299 is light and velvety, just enough to give the right creamy texture to your cheesecake. Also try their flavour infused cream cheeses, specifically the Garlic and Herb Cream Cheese that go just well as toppings for breads and as spreads/dips with crispies. For those of you loving your sweet teeth, try the brand's Cinnamon and Brown Sugar infused cream cheese that are perfect as toppings over pancakes and bagels. The standard size for all the cheeses is 200g.

Each cheese has its own shelf life and is delivered based on the time taken for its preparation. You can get Mozzarella a day after ordering and cream cheese in three days of ordering. Orders are accepted only on Instagram and shipping is limited to Bengaluru. 


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