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Get Fit And Flexible With This Pilates Studio In Indiranagar

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Reboot your fitness goals with classical pilates at India's first fully equipped Pilates Studio - Pilates For Wellbeing in Indiranagar.

What Makes It Awesome

We might be well past the beginning the year, and given up on our #fitnessgoals, but hey! it is never too late. Never say never to kickstarting that fitness regime you've planned and head straight to Pilates for Wellbeing in Indiranagar. They specialise in classical Pilates which is a low-intensity full body workout and is performed either or on a mat or spring-assisted equipment and can be practised by people of all age groups. It helps to strengthen the body and mind and hence, they work in harmony. There are classes for kids, elderly, duet and trio classes, group classes with equipment and mats, for rehabilitation and private classes with equipment. They have a team of instructors who are certified and have mastered the art of Pilates and function from 6:30 AM to 8:00 PM every day.

The beginner's group equipment class with a max of four attendees for a duration of one hour is priced at INR 950 for a single class, INR 8,500 for 10 classes, INR 16,000 for 20 classes. The intermediate group classes with equipment with a maximum of 5 attendees for a duration of one hour is priced at INR 1,050 for one class, INR 10,000 for 10 classes and 18,500 for 20 classes. If you'd like to opt for duet classes it is priced at INR 1,250 per person for one class, INR 5,500 for five classes and INR 10,000 for 10 classes. The duet classes are priced at INR 1,980 for one class, INR 8,800 for five classes and INR 16,500 for 10 classes. The weekend classes are private sessions. It is a fully equipped studio and they also sell pilates gear and wear at the studio. 


Pilates for wellbeing also conducts workshops priced at INR 850 per person for a duration of 120 minutes with a maximum of 12 attendees either at the studio or any other location, as per the requirement of the clients.