Want To Learn Kannada? This App Will Help You Ace The Language In 10 Days


    Called Learn Kannada or Kannada Kali, this nifty app helps you learn Kannada is 10 days. And the best part is it has audio lessons for accurate pronunciation. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    Tired of hearing the question Kannada gottilla? Well, whose fault is that huh! We’re going to say yours, because why not learn a new language, especially if you’re living in the state. So to help those of you who haven’t yet picked up the local language, Kannada Kali (Learn Kannada) is here to rescue you. Essentially an app to teach you spoken or conversational Kannada, the app is mostly for those out-of-town folks who want to be able to get around town, happily speaking Kannada. So don’t expect a long-drawn history of the language. It’s basic and most functional.

    Go Local

    Our favourite app when it comes to functional Kannada, we have been using this app since January, and with new updates, we're back to rave. Our favourite is The Learn Spoken Kannada In 10 Days course which has audio support so you learn the accent and intonation from native speaks. It’ll help you also learn new words on the fly. Just open up the Instant Words Translation section and say the English word. The app word the rest of your work by giving you back an audio version of the Kannada word. They also have a flexi course which teaches words category-wise — from months, days and time to numbers, greetings and the alphabet. 

    It is probably wiser to take it up after the spoken course, as they don’t teach full sentences in the flexi one. We also love that it has a feature that picks out the most prominent word in your sentence, and it’ll throw up more suitable Kannada options to expand your vocabulary. 
    Of late, we have found the Instant Words Translation super helpful too. You can speak a word in English to the app, and it'll repeat the Kannada translation back to you. You can even switch between the two languages. But this is most helpful when you've already picked up the language a bit, and not for word-for-word translations as you're trying to make conversations.


    The have ready made conversations you can have with your domestic help or even auto drivers to make things easier!