Ten-second takeaway

If you’re craving some proper Lebanese street food, then make sure you land up at Slurp Studio’s Lebanese Pop-up Kitchen.

Off the streets

If you’ve ever been to the Middle East or the Mediterranean coast, you’ll know how popular Lebanese food is. Light, mildly flavoured and supremely delicious, we usually couldn’t get enough of it as we ambled through the streets of Beruit. So thankfully, instead of needing to go there, the lads at Slurp Studio have organised a pop-up kitchen for Friday {today} and Saturday {tomorrow} and will be doling out typical street food. But get there early as there’s only limited portions, for a limited time.

On the cards

Falafel Pita Rolls – crunchy falafels wrapped in fluffy pita bread pockets, the non-vegetarian version, loaded with Shish Tawook {grilled chicken} Rolls and the Beef Kofta options round up the rolls. What we’re most looking forward to though, is the Dajaj Mashwi. Arabian-style grilled chicken, it is slow-cooked on a flame to let the marinade of paprika, pepper and tangy lemon juice really seep in.

Where: 1079, 3rd floor, 12th Main Road, Indiranagar

When: Friday, March 25 and Saturday, March 26, 6pm onwards, until stocks last

Contact: +91 9916580506

Price: INR 130 upwards per dish

Find the event on Facebook here.