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Enid Blyton, Ayn Rand Or Grisham: Head Over To One Of Bangalore's Oldest Lending Libraries

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Eloor Library is one of Bangalore’s oldest lending libraries and continues to run in its quiet little corner on Infantry Road. All those cool Kindles… not a patch on this one!

What Makes It Awesome

If you’re around from the 80s, then you’re sure to know this library that’s just off Infantry Road. Eloor Library first opened its doors to Namma Bengaluru in 1988, the library was the second of five branches all over the country that formed a community of bookworms who were introduced to numerous literature titles. From comics to vintage magazines, fiction or non-fiction — there is something for every age group. And they’re all wrapped up in plastic for safe keeping. Now here’s a library that knows readers through and through.

Today, the space still holds a wonderful collection of vintage finds with floor to ceiling towers of books and tiny foot stools; the selections look good as new, neatly kept with laminated covers however the yellow pages give away their age.

The last row, towards the car park, is reserved for the kiddie section. But of course, adults are welcome too. From Hardy Boys, Goosebumps, and Famous Five to Noddy, Twillight {uh huh} and Harry Potter, they have them all. Oh, plus old school Archies Double Digest comic books, Tintin and Asterix, among others.

The rest of the library stocks book in alphabetical order of last name of the author, for fiction, and under categories for non-fiction. But guess what has a row all to itself? Why, Mills & Boon of course! From the mild romance and flirtation of the older books to the racy new version that will give 50 Shades Of Grey a good run for its money, you’ll find it all here.


If you are keen to go old school, you can still sign up for Eloor Library’s subscriptions. You start off with a refundable deposit of INR 2,000, after which you will be charged for renting books based on the number and time. There’s no limit on the number of books you can take, but be sure to bring them back in the fortnight that you’re given.