#LessAndMore: Mason Jars To Glam Up The Drinking Quotient

Editors posted on 04 May

The Trend: Mason Jars

You do know that mason jars these days are the new black, as far as trendy serveware is concerned. From sipping everything from juice and milkshakes to cocktails and good old H2O, the mason jar just tends to posh things up a bit. Available in multiple colours, with patterned lids and most even come with straws attached, these trendy glasses just make serving anything look so good. And just like us, you do like a bargain, don’t you? And won’t mind spending a packet either if you like something too much. So here’s our pick of two kinds of mason jars {mind you, we love both} for less and more.

For Less: Chevron Mason Jar Yellow

#LBBTip: We are so sipping our early morning juice, weekend cocktail, or evening cold coffee in that.

Brand: Chumbak

Price: INR 395 each

Shop it online here.

For More: Clear Glass Mason Jar Beverage Cups

#LBBTip: This one’s perfect for a Sunday brunch and lemonade. To be served with herbs and lime wedges.

Brand: GF Smart At Amazon

Price: INR 1,199 each {available in a set of 2}

Shop it online here.