#PrideMonth: LGBTQIA+ Collectives In Bangalore That Help & Support The Community


    If you're a part of the LGBTQIA+ community or are an ally, or just want to educate yourself more, we worked with Alex Mathew, popularly known as Maya The Drag Queen, to find collectives in Bangalore that will give you information, support and all you need to embrace yourself, and everyone around you. After all, love is love. 

    Good As You

    Good As You is an organisation that provides safe space for queer people and is working on building a community space. Started in 1994, a few LGBTQAI+ activists got together and decided that it was important to have a discussion forum for sexual minorities in Bangalore. Their meet-ups happen every Thursday at the Swabhava office, and you’ll find activities ranging from discussions and film screenings to poetry readings.


    Sangama is an LGBTQAI+ rights group based out of Bangalore. It has grown to focus on LGBTQAI+ rights and HIV prevention. It concentrates on the rights of sexual minorities and fights against sexual harassment and HIV discrimination. They conduct outreach programs for sexual minorities, welcome walk-ins, keep a track of LGBTQAI+ violence in and around the city and provide legal services to those who need it.

    Solidarity Foundation

    Registered as a trust in 2013, It was set up to provide support to sex workers and sexual minorities by offering fellowships and grants. They support working-class sexual minorities and sex workers through grantmaking and building links to resources, and community involvement. With a vibrant team backing her, Shubha Chacko leads the organization by helping in betterment of the community and provide a beautiful inclusive environment.


    An online community of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender activists from across the country, MIST is all about coming together to celebrate, to learn and build strength within the community. Currently functioning mainly out of Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad, they are also online so you can share your thoughts, learn more, get support and even get invaluable information. Currently, they’ve got a film festival going on where you can help raise funds to provide relief to the transgender community with dry ration kits and fund. Each kit cost INR 1,500 but you can donate as much as you can as low as INR 50 here.

    Know any other communities and support groups that we might have missed out on? Tell us in the comments, or email us on contentfeedback@lbb.in with the deets!