Bookworms, This Online Library Delivers Books For As Low As INR 110 Per Month


Lazy bookworms of Bangalore, ahoy! A lovely service, Librarywala, delivers tomes of your choice right to your doorstep and collects it back too.

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Librarywala has been a somewhat-indolent bookworm’s saviour since it started operations in Bangalore in 2008. An online manifestation of a brick-and-mortar library, the Librarywala is a website that simply put, lends books to you at your home.

Its way of working is fairly simple: you choose a subscription plan from the monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or yearly options. Once you choose any of these options, you can visit their online catalogue of over 75,000 books. We browsed and ended up spending hours looking at the extensive selection. The titles cross genres and even languages {such as Tamil, Kannada and Marathi). Books that caught our eye: The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith, Tuesdays With Morrie, Marley & Me {a classic in its own cute right}, a lot of Jeffrey Archers, and even new books such as Arundhati Roy’s The Ministry Of Utmost Happiness.

Clearly, they have their bases covered.

Return To Sender

They deliver across Bangalore, even up till Yelahanka and beyond, and the turnaround delivery time is only 24 hours. We know, we know, when you need a book, you need it right there and then. But we really can’t be choosers in this case, can we?

Another tip: they have no late fee, and will take back the book when you ask them to as well.

They charge INR 500 as registration fee, and a refundable deposit amount of INR 500. Other than that, monthly tariffs can be as low as INR 110 a month or up to 750 a month, depending on the plan you choose and the number of books per month.

So, We're Saying...

If you ask us, we do quite enjoy the little pleasures of a physical library such as the reprimands of a stickler librarian, the ‘ssshhh’s and of course, the overwhelming {read: unbeatable} smell of over a thousand books in one place. But services such as these, they make our life simpler, our pocket lighter and heart book-heavy.

Visit their website here.



Own any books you don’t mind donating? The next time a Librarywala comes around to drop a book, you can hand over a title to him/ her and make everyone happy.