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This Romantic Restaurant Will Keep You Happy From 6.30AM To 2.30AM

Aditi posted on 2nd June

Ten-Second Takeaway

Granted it’s a little expensive, but the ambience at Lido at the Hyatt hotel will win yours, and your date’s heart.

What Is It?

A rooftop and poolside restaurant at the Hyatt Bangalore, Lido is an all-day fine dining option that is perfect for a quiet date, or a low key family celebration. Serving European, Indian and Pan-Asian food, they do decent food. They also often have food festivals which you’ll need to keep an eye out for. Currently, they’ve got a mango mela on. But then again, if you go to this place, you’ll be so distracted by the view, nothing else will matter as much.

Who Is It For?

Ideal for a date because of the rooftop location, this is a lovely restaurant to celebrate a cosy occasion. Not very crowded, it’s also perfect for a family get together. And it’s a chic enough place to bring your parents without running into marginally questionable friends of yours!

About The Ambience

Right by the aqua blue swimming pool, you can choose to lounge in cane sofas outside on the deck, under the stars. With a canopy above some of the terrace, even in the rains it’s a fine place to chill out. The entire rooftop has leafy plants, so it’s almost like sitting in a garden. Chilled out, pretty and with a view of the city skyline, it is tough to parallel this kind of ambience, smack in the centre of CBD.

Must Eat

Thai Fish Cakes, Carnbonara, Salmon and pizzas. They also have Indian and Pan-Asian food, but I usually stick to European. Save for the Thai fish cakes and Thai Yellow Curry.

What Was The Experience Like?

I don’t live too far from the hotel so it’s easy access to get away from the hustle bustle of the city. That also without leaving the CBD! I find the food really good. Especially the European stuff. The Indian curries too are tasty although mild on spice, possibly to cater to foreigners. Service is unfortunately slow. So be prepared. I suggest you order, leave your table in favour of the equally pretty Liquid Bar, have a cocktail, and then get back when your food arrives.


Fine Dining