We Found The Cutest Date Cafe On Cunningham Road And They Serve Lots Of Chocolate

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It doesn’t get much more perfect than sipping on dark hot chocolate, in a cafe, in a bungalow, under a tree. So if that’s your kind of romance, hit up L’inouï at Hatworks Boulevard on Cunningham Road.

It's A Chocolate Factory

Started by chocolatier Anusha Chowdiah, L’inouï is a dessert parlour that specialises in all things chocolate. After settling in the Whitefield area for a bit, the cutesy cafe now calls Hatworks Boulevard home, and we can’t be more thrilled. Not because it’s the centre of town, but the delightful old bungalow and patio it is set in is truly charming. With just about six tables dotting the little indoor space and the verandah, this cafe is perfect for a quiet catch up, or a date even. With the Bangalore breeze keeping things cool and the massive tree canopy keeping the strong sun away, this place is quite the romantic spot.

Needless to say, chocolate makes things better. And with the abundance of chocolate on the menu, you’re in for a real treat. The chocolate macaron is soft and crumbly, while the truffles {dark, extra dark, classic or even the peanut version} should be taken home in bulk to Netflix and eat. But those are only mini nibbles. Also, folks, you can take home slabs of fresh chocolate be it Dark Hazelnut to Milk Almond. But now for in-house eating, the real deal is the pastries!

Pastry Party

I tried the chocolate truffle pastry, and it was just how I like it – chocolatey, simple and layered with ganache. My fellow diner wanted to be indulgent and ordered the Chocolate Bomb. And it was indeed the bomb! A ball of chocolate is brought to your table, and hot chocolate poured over it, so it opens up and reveals more chunky chocolate. Rich, heavy and perfect for a chocolate lover, it’s a meal in itself. If you don’t live by the death by chocolate policy, pick the raspberry pastry — it’s slightly tangy thanks to the raspberry, but the drizzle of chocolate sauce and sponge cake tones it down. Wash it down with some tea {from Muscatel to strawberry and rose}.

Coffee folks, don’t think twice before ordering the Signature Mocha that blends dark Belgian chocolate with a strong coffee. The Dark Hot Chocolate is to die for, and the spiced one is great too. Look out for some of their season cold coffees that blend mango and strawberry into the brew.