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Boozy Choco Bliss: This Chocolatier Crafts Fancy Bonbons For The Adult In You!


    What Makes It Awesome

    'Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're going to get.' But in Liquorice By Caroline we can guarantee a box full of indulgence and mmhs and ahs! Adults, we're talking to you because this city-based Chocolatier specialises in artisanal chocolate for the 'evolved palate' or like we enjoy hearing it -- sinful liquor-filled chocolates!

    Why is this delightful service worth a "shot", you ask? Simply imagine the pleasure of consuming a tiny chocolate bottle of your favourite alcohol. Think a rich, bittersweet shell of chocolate hiding a wafer-thin shell of sugar that snaps at the first bite giving way to a warming flush (a small sip) of liquor! In short, a melange of flavours that mingle, interact and explode! Caroline handcrafts her bonbons and truffles using only the best single-origin (82% dark, milk and white) chocolate, from a renowned Swiss brand. 

    While whiskey, rum, gin, cognac, bourbon and champagne are regulars on the menu, you must enquire about exotic flavours like Passion Fruit Chilli & Gin, Bacon & Vodka and Caramel, Black Seasalt & White Rum (there's more where this came from). We're also told that the Chocolate Cigars filled with a tea-smoked ganache and liquor of choice is another must-try! All exquisite, all equally tempting, some of these concoctions really stand out like the Vodka Guava Cream 'Cheesecake' bonbon and a Balsamic Vinegar, Rye Whiskey & Dark Chocolate Truffle.

    Best bit? Everything on Liquorice By Caroline's menu is entirely customisable to flavour, shape, colours and can be enjoyed in non-booze versions too!


    You need to pre-order 48 hours in advance and take care of pickup and delivery yourself. Prices for an all liquor box (6 different liquors) is priced at INR 1,200 while the non liquors start at INR 650 a box. You can also get a mix of the two. For Valentine's day, Liquorice By Caroline had a special Love Letter Box.