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Mushroom Cappuccino Or Pav Bhaji Fondue — All With A Healthy Twist At This Adorable Cafe

Aakanksha posted on 10 October


From the makers of The Green Theory, The Little Green Cafe serves up healthy food but with big flavours, and quirky forms that will make you want more. Plus, desserts to indulge a bit.

Chow Down

Mushroom Cappuccino, Little Tikkis, Pav Bhaji Fondue

Sip On

Watermelon & Basil juice, Muskmelon & Rosemary slushie

Lowdown On The Ambience

Subtle, earthy and completely eco-friendly, I love this place as it really sets the tone for what they serve. The entire ceiling is lit up with light bulbs and old-school shades, and the best part is that it only amounts to 100 Watts as they use some super cool bulbs. The floor is made up of red oxide and used wood, the walls are green oxide and everything from the tables, chairs and doors are all handmade, using reclaimed material. So head here for a catch up with pals or even date night.

Winning For...

Making health food delicious and interesting is no mean task, and these guys manage to do that. You won’t even know it’s healthy!

Going Green

If you like the stuff at The Green Theory {the cute little restaurant on Convent Road}, then you’ll love this. They put a fun spin on all-time favourites like tikkies, pav bhaji and pho. My dining partner and I kicked things off with a Mushroom Cappuccino, a light, foamy shot of the ‘soup’, and a Cumin & Avocado cold soup which was quite the pick me up. See, you don’t always need alcohol! Then came the bite-sized tikkis — beetroot-quinoa and feta-ricotta. Surprisingly delicious, the beetroot-quinoa has a light crunch, but the feta-ricotta seemed like cheese but wasn’t indulgent at all.

Healthy Tuck In

For the mains, we picked pav bhaji and cottage cheese steak. The former arrived on a large platter, almost like a mezze platter, but the bhaji, was in a fondue pot and the breads were not just pav but slices of multigrain breads — innovative, delicious and rather fun! The cottage cheese steak had a hint of Mexico about it. From the tangy tomato sauce to the spicy rice that came with it, it was quite a hit. If you’re looking to just nibble, try the salads, sandwiches {I am eyeing the spinach and feta panini} or even the wholesome pho with Seba noodles}. Oh, and whole wheat spaghetti with homemade tomato ragu. Yum! 

Dessert Of The Day is a healthy one — chocolate mousse on the day I went. But what I appreciate about this cafe is that they take dessert seriously and don’t expect you to eat healthy in that department. Or as owner Bikash Parik says, “There has to be some indulgence. There’s no such thing as a fully healthy dessert!”

So, We're Thinking...

It’s a lovely atmosphere to unwind over juices and teas, so we may head back for just that, though we’ll likely stay for a meal too.


Check out their selection of bakery products, teas and even fresh cold-pressed juices — they’re available to take home too.

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locationChurch Street

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Little Green Cafe

locationChurch Street