This Little Kitchen In Koramangala Serves Great Home-Style Mallu Fare

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If you live away from home and want some food that’ll remind you of your mother’s cooking, head to Little Kitchen in Koramangala for some finger-licking Mallu food.

What Makes It Awesome

Having started out as a terrace kitchen for a PG in the floors below, the good folks staying there suggested to the owner that the kitchen be converted into a restaurant (since the food was so good). Serving authentic Kerala cuisine, you’ll find specialties like Kallumukkai fry (mussels) and of course, meals (we’re drooling). Red rice, hot parothas and coconut fish curry, the meal will fill you till you feel like a beached whale and assure you of a good night’s sleep. Scrumptious appam and stew, chicken biryani..the list goes on. The best part? It's priced between INR 20 to INR 270 (which is why we frequent the place also!).

The restaurant is in an open terrace with a breezy vibe. Since there’s no lift and you have to walk up four flights of stairs, we suggest checking out their new section on the ground floor that caters to folks who are too tired to climb all the way up. If even that seems like too much work for you call them and place an order from them for swift deliveries. But if you ask us, the few flights of stairs are so worth it that we'd even climb mountains to get here!


The restaurant used to give out vibes of a Mallu mess but they’ve recently done up and renovated the place. So if a friend tells you that the hygiene levels are low, we suggest dragging them along to change their mind (and for the food, of course!).