Keep It Cheesy & Vegan With This Brand's Range Of Plant-Based Cheese Shreds

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Live Yum Foods

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What Makes It Awesome

So you’re considering turning vegan….but your one true love is cheese! Worry not, because Live Yum Foods will help that transition and then some. Started in 2019 by a duo of animal rights activists (one of whom was previously an undercover investigator for an international farm animal advocacy group) who love food, Live Yum aims to make a plant based diet accessible to everyone. 

For now they make three varieties of plant based cheeses - cheddar style shreds, mozzarella style shreds, and cream cheese spread. All of these are made with natural ingredients (we saw potato starch and coconut oil) which are also suitable for people with soy, gluten, dairy (duh), or even tree-nut allergies.N ow if like us you’re going to eat cheese straight out of the packet like us, by all means, but if you’re wondering about cooking with it, it holds up! Use it like you would regular cheese and add it to your macaroni and cheese, pizzas, or sandwiches. The cheddar which we tried was sharp, and flavourful on the bread pizza we made. 

The cheese(s) are available on their website, most online grocery stores, as well as online vegan food stores.The products cost between INR 250 and INR 300, which is right within the range of most other cheese makers and dairies. Live Yum Foods ship across the country, so whether you're lactose intolerant, vegan, or love cheese of all types, get yourself a pack from here. 


The cheese needs to be kept frozen at all times, so keep it in your freezer when it arrives. Let it thaw before you use it.