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Garden Cress & Mustard Greens: This Microgreens Subscription Service Adds Heft To Your Diet

Living Food Co.

Available Online


Add a dose of health and freshness to your everyday meals with the Living Food Company’s Microgreens subscription. 

What Makes It Awesome

On the path to a healthier diet? Then, microgreens can give you the boost you need! And if you don’t have the patience to grow them at home, then, simply knock on the door of Living Food Company. The local, online subscription service delivers boxes of microgreens to your doorstep. 

If you are a lone wolf, you can sign up for a single box a week (INR 410). And your monthly subscription (that's the minimum subscription duration you can choose) will include green mustard, pink radish, garden cress, parsley, and even kale, broccoli and yellow carrots. For couples and families, you get more boxes, per week, for the price you pay (INR 856 onwards). All their offerings are chemical and pesticide free. And deliveries happen on Wednesday and Saturdays.

What Could Be Better

You can pick and choose the microgreens you want but they need to know at least a week in advance so it’s prepared just the way want it. 


Do check their website from time to time for discounts on subscriptions. 

Living Food Co.

Available Online