Ditch Them Just Fries, Instead Have A Full Fledged Loaded Fries Meal At The Irish House

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The loaded fries at The Irish House In Whitefield are in a different league altogether. Because they are not just fries, but actually a full blown meal, slathered with rich sauces, quirky ingredients and even meat and a fried egg. 

Fry Me Up!

What’s life without French fries, especially when you are out drinking with your buddies, and rounds of these deep fried numbers keep going strong. But what about when you get a full blown French fry meal {kind of like a poutine} instead of just them fries? That’s what we are talking about. At The Irish House pub in Whitefield, they have not one but five kinds of loaded fries which you have to try. And the good news is that they can be shared between two people, at least. 

Getting Fried

The Mexican Mess is house fries topped with cheese, baked pinto beans, jalapeños, peppers, tomato salsa, sour cream, and barbecue sauce, while the Mac And Cheese, you guessed it… is topped with cheesy macaroni and Cheddar. There’s also the Minced Up — house fries served with chicken bolognese, cheese, boiled eggs, crispy onions, or the Tipsy Paprika, where the fries come slathered with a cheesy paprika sauce and sautéed bell peppers, and finished off with a glug of vodka. And last but not the least, there’s also the Angry Bird, fries topped with spicy chicken, sauce, cheese and a sunny side up on top. 

So, We're Thinking...

The fries are not the usual taken-out-of-the-freezer-and-popped-into-hot-oil kinds, but they seem like genuine house-made fries. And the addition of the rich sauces, meat and egg make it exactly like a meal. So dunk your fries, spoon in some of the cheese and toppings and you are good to go. All you need.


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