Ten-Second Takeaway

This tiny food joint in BTM, is known for its unconventional Gujarati delicacies, including the famous snack locha from Surat. 

Snack Break

Locha serves quick bites that are completely different from the conventional snacks that we in Bangalore are used to. While the popular belief is that Gujarati cuisine is usually sweet, Locha breaks this perception with their chatpata, spicy and namkeen flavours that are perfectly suited for the Indian palate.

Must Eat



The Locha! This popular dish was born in Surat and modified by Locha to suit a more pan-Indian taste bud. Locha is made of chana daal, which is soaked, crushed and fermented for 24 hours. Post fermentation, spices are added to it and the mixture is steamed and served piping hot with a variety of toppings including locha masalas, butter, cheese, fried chillies, sev, onions and a piquant green chutney. Locha serves a selection of toppings such as Tandoori, Peri Peri, Schezwan, Mayo and more. Choose what you think will suit your palette best! The other must have dishes here are Ice-Dish {a version of the popular Gola}, Pattice, Fafda Jalebi, Khamman Dhokla and Gujarati-style Aloo Poha.

What We Loved

The Tandoori Locha, Ice-Dish and Aloo Poha and all under INR 250 for two.

What Didn’t Impress Us

They have just one table for four, but again, you cannot blame them as the place is small. They do have a couple of extra stools or you can just stand and eat. Takeaways and delivery through Swiggy is very popular here. 

What Is The Best Time To Visit?

On weekdays, after 4pm as that is when the locha is ready to be served. On weekends however, they have Locha and Aloo Poha ready by 9am.