Serving Vada Pavs To 8 Kinds Of Pav Bhaji, Lokesh Is The Best Friend You Didn't Know You Needed

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What Makes It Awesome

Come 4 pm every day, the lane next to CMH Park comes alive with a mini food street of sorts with three to four carts dishing out masala puris, 99 varieties dosas, and chaat. We say skip all that and head to the first cart in the lane, Lokesh Vada Pav & Pav Bhajji.

The cart boldly declares that it serves Mumbai-style vada pav and pav bhajji and from what we have had, the claim holds true. Oh, and the best part is you can bust your hunger under the INR 100 mark since everything on their menu is under that. It’s the vada pavs that sells like, well hot vada pavs, that you need to try first. Pick from the regular, plain or go all-out with the greasy, cheesy (or buttery) option. In either case, you will order for another round or at least takeaway. The place gets crowded around 6 pm, so we suggest you pop in during opening hours and order yourself one. Perfect 4 pm hunger busters they are!

While you are happily munching on your vada pav, place your order for a pav bhaji. The laminated menu tells you that you have eight kinds to choose from with our favourite being the classic option. For those who prefer more greasiness, order the Cheese Pav Bhaji. There’s a Jain option too along with a Special Pav Bhaji assorted veggies and copious amounts of butter and cheese. Tawa pulao is a hot favourite with the lady who runs the cart suggesting we try it next. And we shall. 


In fact, the place so popular that it has its own Google Location and you can even call them up head to place bulk orders. We do that every now and then! 


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