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The London Curry House

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The London Curry House Is Shiv Sagar's Fine Dining Option. Yes, It's Vegetarian

Aakanksha posted on 23 May


Yet another restaurant jumping on to the fusion desi food bandwagon, Shiv Sagar does an upgrade with London Curry House — serving old-favourites with a twist. And of course, it’s vegetarian.

Chow Down

Corn On The Cob Chaat, Water Chestnut & Corn Tikki, Pindi Chole and Masala Kulcha

Sip On

Desi Vanaspati and Videshi Shooter

Winning For

Innovative plating, quirky presentation and spot on décor to make you feel like you are in a typical Curry House in London.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Exposed red-brick walls, Victoria station clocks and London telephone booths set the tone. Wooden tables and steel chairs add to the casual vibe, but privacy is lost with so many of them so close together.

Familiar Flavours

Repackaging old street food favourites, this place does well to retain flavours we associate with Shiv Sagar. We kicked off our culinary expedition with Corn On The Cob Chat – tangy and fulfilling. Next was the sinfully fried Babycorn Cigars with a wannabe salsa that lacked punch. The Water Chestnut & Corn Tikki was an interesting creation, served on a slate platter, with a bit of crunch.

We couldn’t stay away from Maggi, lead poisoning or not. Unadulterated in terms of original flavours, they’d loaded on carrots, broccoli and potatoes into the iron pot it came in, and as expected Masala Maggi won our hearts!

Spice It Up

Do give their Pindi Chole a try. Authentic, redolent with whole spices {including the otherwise elusive cinnamon and cardamom} and black {thanks to the Assam tea the channa was cooked with}, we could eat this all day long with the soft kulcha it arrived with. They also have pizzas {Brazillian, Chinese or Indian versions} and steaks {paneer, mostly}.

For dessert, we picked the Toffee Tart, mostly because we were slightly sceptical about the fusion desi-Western ones {Jalebi With Rabdi And Red Velvet Dust, anyone?}. Served with ice cream, the Nutella tart was rich and ended the meal on a chocolatey high.

What To Drink

The Desi Vanaspati and Videshi Shooters caught our fancy. The former is a mix of cranberry juice, Coca Cola and crushed mint leaves, was a bit too sweet, while the Desi Vanaspati {with zero traces of Vanaspati, mercifully} was a muddle of orange juice, ginger and green chillies — spicy and refreshing!

So, We’re Thinking

This Shiv Sagar enterprise stays true to it’s regional and vegetarian roots quite nicely, and while we may be too carnivorous to frequent it, the ambience, offerings and prices will keep vegetarians rather happy!


They have marked out Jain dishes so if you’re avoiding onion and garlic too, just tell your wait staff and they’ll happily oblige.

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Casual Dining

The London Curry House

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locationGandhi Nagar

19/2, Kumara Krupa Road, Off Race Course Road, Bengaluru

Casual Dining

The London Curry House

locationGandhi Nagar