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Looking For Great Asian Food Around HBR Layout? Here's The Deal

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What Makes It Awesome?

The hao chi at HBR layout is every bit Asian as their food is. It is a great place to dine with friends & family, also to order in during quarantine. The staff is courteous and highly prudent about the safety & hygiene of food preparation & delivery. It is an ideal eatery if you're craving for the best Asian food in & around HBR layout. The chef performs his masterstroke with the utmost solicitude that all the dishes come out top-notch. The menu is very elaborative that you find difficulty in choosing just anyone. Any improvisation or customisation is encouraged all the while retaining the authenticity. Desserts are exquisite & I relished the subtle flavours hidden in each delicacy. Any dish you pick will for sure tingle your taste buds & de you eating for more! I was privileged enough to try a few of them & here they are.

Salt & pepper prawns:
Slow roasted with authentic flavours finely infused in basic spices, this simple seafood dish tastes delicious. The meat tastes fresh & it's totally worth the money. Safety & hygiene is kept in mind by the staff while preparing & delivering to the doorstep!
Price : 345 /-

Chicken schezwan style:
Boneless chicken chunks cooked in exotic Asian spices & truffle oil alongside fresh vegetables. It goes amazingly well with fried rice/noodles, also can be consumed as the main course. It is worth the money for its perfect authentic taste & considerate proportion of food. There's a fine balance with the spice & is quite flavoursome.
Price : 325 /-

Chicken rice with schezwan chicken gravy bowl:
Sliced chicken with spicy red chilly sauce served with the classic chicken fried rice. Best panasian combo! Long grain rice cooked with tender shredded chicken with minimal seasoning to go with a bite of Boneless schezwan chicken gravy is an explosion of flavours in your mouth. Diced carrots & beans sautéed in truffle oil brings out an aroma that none can resist.
Price : 249 /-

Chicken noodles:
Stir fried noodles with shredded tender chicken.
Rice noodles made long & slender yet non-sticky have really soft & slimy texture with finely chopped chicken & seasoned onion. It consists of the right amount of spices & is very flavoursome. They serve a substantial amount of noodles in one plating that would suffice for two. Goes well with the schezwan gravy they provide alongside.
Price : 185 /-

Egg fried rice:
Long grained rice sauteed in truffle oil & finely diced exotic vegetables is tossed with fried egg scrambles & seasoned to taste. It is light food yet filling, goes well with the schezwan gravy they provide alongside.
Price : 185 /-

Drums of heaven:
Batter fried chicken lollipops tossed in spicy garlic sauce.
Fresh tender chicken deeply marinated in spices & rich yoghurt is deep batter fried & seasoned to taste presenting in plantain leaves enriching the whole experience. It has a using taste like no other. If you'd wanna try a new style of drums of heaven, this should be it! 6 pieces are served in plating & are totally worth the money.
Price : 325 /-

Cottage cheese twister bao:
Spicy chicken bao
This bao seems distinctive to the regular ones. Spicy bits of picked paneer & chicken wrapped gently in a fluffy blanket of bun & steam-cooked in the shape of dim sums! It is a feeling of ecstasy as you bite into the soft buns into the spicy flavoursome filling & through. It goes beautifully well with the spicy sauce that they serve with. It is a taste to remember.
Cottage cheese twister bao - Price : 255 /-
Spicy chicken bao - Price : 265 /-

Veg chilli baby corn:
Fresh marinated diced baby corns deep-fried until crisp & golden, seed in garlic chilli sauce alongside exotic vegetables & garnished with authentic Asian seasoning. The fried baby corns are crunchy & the well-induced flavours give a zing in every bite. Reasonably priced given the proportion each serve is considerate. One of the best chilli babycorn ever!
Price : 225 /-

Veg tod man khao pod:
Fresh American sweet corn pellets dunked in thick spicy batter & deep-fried to perfection. These corn fritters are seasoned with spices, burnt garlic & spring onions. Every bite brings you closer to jubilation.
Price : 225 /-

Coconut caramel custard:
A creamy & scrumptious dessert made of caramelised sugar, milk & eggs.
Every bite stands out distinctively with the sting of coconut flavour & the sweetness of caramelised sugar. It's a rich dessert, especially after a spicy Asian meal. The diced cherry on top is truly The Cherry on Top!
Price : 235 /-

Butterscotch pastry:
Soft & moist came with layers of butterscotch whipped cream.
Spongy cake laced generously with cream & melted butterscotch drizzled on top with burnt ginger dressing. It gives a very distinctive taste to the pastry & balances out the sugariness of the whipped cream & the pastry.
Price : 235 /-

What Could Be Better?

Nothing at all!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids