#GoHereEatThis: Luchi At KC Das

Ashok Nagar, Chennai


We all know KC Das as the go-to-place for Bengali sweets, but it also gives you pocket-friendly savoury Bengali specials — luchis with mishti cholaar daal and dum aloo.

Must Eat

Ask for luchis and you will obtain a perfectly plated meal of deep fried puffed Indian bread or puri {but the Bengali version, made with flour}, mishti cholaar daal {sweet Bengal gram curry} and dum aloo {potato gravy}. The smell of ghee, the hot swollen luchis, the sweet daal and the mild aloo gravy is a combination of richness and satisfaction. So here’s a suggestion, forget about the English breakfast in the vicinity and instead experience a good old Indian one. Don’t forget to follow this meal with their nicely-done chai.

Made to order, it always arrives fresh and hot at your table. Moreover it comes at such a measly price!

Price: INR 100 for two

Ashok Nagar, Chennai