Swim In Bengal's Sweet Paradise Right Here In This Iconic Sweet Shop

    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome

    The first thing that hits us home is the pleasing aroma of sweets as you open the doors to a small little shop located smack in the centre of the city's bustling MG Road. KC Das is an iconic joint that has satiated the sweet tooth of much of the city’s populace (especially the large Bengali presence here).

    We all know KC Das as the go-to-place for Bengali sweets, naming the milky chum chum and the fluffy white wonders, the rosogullas. What we also want to shed some light on is KC Das’ pocket-friendly savoury Bengali specials — luchis ( Bengali version of puffed up puris) with mishti cholar dal (sweet Bengal gram curry) and dum aloo (potato curry). Did we tell you that their mishti doi (sweet curd) is another house favourite? Sweetened fermented curd made from milk and jaggery, this is healthy and the ideal catalyst to a good day’s (or deed’s) start. Just so good that once it’s over, you’ll mish it.

    For festive sweet treats, they freshly prepare roshogullas, sweetened watery balls made from semolina flour and chenna (cheese curds). We highly recommend you to take them home, have them refrigerated and eat them chilled. For some dry yet equally sweet offerings, try their sondesh made from chenna, milk and sugar. A visit here is highly recommended and we assure you’ll be high on sugar and satisfaction. FYI -- It is believed that KC Das is the original founder of the Roshogullas.

      Ashok Nagar, Bangalore