Seas The Day With This Travel Group That Explores Karnataka Every Weekend

Mad Adventurers


Mad Adventurers is a team of young travel enthusiasts who organise trekking events for nature lovers on weekends at budget-friendly prices, perfect for frequent travellers. 

What Makes It Awesome

Mad Adventurers is a travel group based out of Basavanagudi that explores new parts of Karnataka almost every weekend. So if you’re craving vitamin sea, sign up to their page so you can get constant updates about their trips. From treks to Kodaikanal to kayaking on Shambhavi river, they host scuba diving tours at Netrani (a small island off the coast of Karnataka). If you’ve been meaning to get out of the city and have no company, you’ll have a full-fledged friends circle when you’re back from your weekend getaway with these guys!

Mad Adventurers hosts trips at budget-friendly prices that include costs of travel, stay and food. Swim in fresh waters and eat local fare at a villager's house. Trek along narrow paths while you make conversation on your way and camp in tents and cosy up to a warm bonfire. The best part is that you pick up skills along the way since their packages include permaculture and fishing and the facilitators will keep motivating you throughout the trek and adventures (whether you like it or not!). Sign up for their next trip cause you don’t want to get tide down in one place when there’s so much to sea.


For you environmentalists, Mad Adventurers hosts garbage cleans up that you can check for on their social media.

Mad Adventurers