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    Vintage Props For Food Shoots Or Grandma's Rice Ladle As Decor, This Brand Has It All

    Amrita posted on 29 April

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Madras Prop Store is in the business of providing props and backgrounds for photo shoots, food styling and or even statement pieces for your own kitchen. You can even use these vintage kitchen essentials as decor in your home.

    Grandma Chic

    If you have been eyeing your granny’s favourite baking tray or her set of enamel ware, and she won’t part with it, then help is at hand with Chennai brand Madras Prop Store. These guys offer gorgeous kitchenware, mostly vintage and hard to find, along with interesting backgrounds for any food styling or shoot needs.

    We have spotted intricately carved brass trays on their Facebook page and we think these will make for great wall decor. Enamel baking tray, mugs, plates, colourful canisters {in the Chettinad style}, and ancient brass tiffins form their army of props/decor offerings.

    Apart from kitchen ware, Madras Prop Store also offer great backgrounds. From dull wooden ones to textured versions, these backgrounds are handmade and perfect for any kind of styling or photography. Even if you are not a professional, you’d still want these to organise your favourite bowl of Maggi and take a perfect Instagram shot.

    So, We're Thinking...

    All of Madras Prop Store’s products are one of a kind, so finding more of a kind might be a Problem. Currently they are on Etsy.com and ship wordlwide too.

    Prices: INR 1,000 upwards

    Shop online here or order here on their Facebook page.

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