The Iconic ITC Restaurant Mahjong Room Is Back At A Brand New Venue

Mahjong Room - WelcomHotel Bengaluru

Victoria Layout, Bangalore

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Moving out of ITC Windsor many moons ago, Mahjong Room is now back in town at the ITC WelcomHotel bringing with it old favourites, new additions and a familiarity we all love.

What Makes It Awesome

A more accessible version of good old ITC property Mahjong Room, the new restaurant at the ITC WelcomHotel is perfect to impress a date or your business partner without splashing out too much. Done up in quintessential red, gold and black-- it's chic and classy; luckily not dark and gloomy like several Chinese restaurants.

We kicked things off with butterfly pea tea, the latest trend to hit the beverage scene. Healthy, and beautiful, this one turns from blue to deep purple with a drop of lemon. Then came a Sichuan Hot And Sour Soup that packed quite a punch. It's heavy so maybe split it if you want to do the mains justice. Appetisers include Crunch Corn Kernels, Golden Fried Prawns and a Sichuan Chilli Pepper Chicken that was on point -- compared to the chilli chicken had at the Sichuan Province in China! No, really! It was good. Vegetarians, make sure you order Crispy Lotus Stem with sesame, a hot-seller from the original place too. Dim Sum -- the Shrimp Hargao, specifically -- also make the cut of must-have.

Mains, drawing heavily from the Sichuan, Hunan and Canton cuisines for inspiration, is just how we like Chinese food. Authentic, mostly, but with a touch of that Indian flavour. Our pick wold be the Ma Po Tofu with black bean and chilli flakes, Cantonese lamb and the piquant Gong Bao Chicken with dry chilli, cashew nuts, and vinegar. 


End with the Passion Coconut Lime Shortcake, a dessert to perk you up thanks to the light macarons, tender coconut, passion fruit ice cream, apricot compote and a tangy sauce drizzled over. Chocolate supporters, have Hot Chocolate Cookie Over Fudge, it's practically a meal itself!

Mahjong Room - WelcomHotel Bengaluru

Victoria Layout, Bangalore